laptop-1483974_1920Computers have become an important part of our daily life to do every kind of work in a quick and efficient manner. One major contribution to the advancement of computers today is the software industry. Today a software is really needed to easily adopt different market conditions.

Evolution of computer software over the last five decades:

Earlier dayscomputer-software-7-638

At the historical time, the computers were mainly used by scientist and researchers to do the various science projects in universities and army. AT this point computers were large in size, very complex, expensive and only used by some experts. In this era developers were only a small community or group of workers that worked together to handle a job of let computers can perform some specific task with no influence from public/ companies. They were using a system mainly UNIX based which was developed by AT and T during 1969. On the other hand, the hardware part was so complex and big that they need a very big room to assemble all the parts together.

During the mid-70’sabc97838b533187f3a348c7d4fa21985

In the mid-seventies, a young boy named Steve Jobs, who was a salesman in his earlier days started a new company that would sell the grooming idea they developed to businessmen. After that, they created a marketing product which was unknown at that time, and it was apple computer.

Microsoft windows

Very soon after the hardware a company (IBM) manufactured the main computer parts. They were quite high at the hardware industry but they were desperately in need of some software mechanism that can handle specifiwin8-live-tiles_610x343c tasks like the operating system.

A boy named bill gates played a crucial role in providing the software that can go along with the hardware to build an operating system. Then in 1980’s bill gates and Paul Allen bought QDOS (Quick and dirty operating system) and changed this into the DOS (disk operating system) to deliver it to the IBM to make an operating system quickly, so then Microsoft succeeded in doing so for presenting a good business model.


Till now all the software used by the companies was proprietary, that is owned by companies and secrecy in codes. Then in earlier 80’s, Richard Stallman working at MIT as a computer programmer realize this situation and in 1983 started a project a gnu-linuxnamed GNU. His idea was to create a free operating system fully based on UNIX. Day after day people join him and together they created a free software movement. But the problem with that model was the lack of kernel. In 1991, a student named Linus Torvalds managed to create a Kernel called Linux, and published it to the public. Together with Linux and UNIX, the result was a free operating system.

Today’s scenarioaf201807463adf7ac9894811c2bf9b2c

Today around 90 % of computers runs the windows OS and Microsoft is still the leader in making and delivering software to the industry. On the other hand, apple is taking the lead in mobile base. Technology is evolving fast and changing rapidly day by day.

Timeline of softwarethunderbolt

  • August 1945 to August 1949- first generation machine languages- use of binary codes 0 and 1.
  • August 1949-production of 2nd generation assembly language, the featured product was EDSAC (Electronic delay automatic storage calculator)Pascal-Language
  • August 1963 arrival of more compact assembler languagesused to convert program code to source code.
  • August 1972-invetion of a high-level language like FORTRAN, COBOL, C, PASCAL.
  • August 1978 object oriented languages came in existence like C++, JAVA, visual basic etc.
  • From august 1990 to now- database oriented languages